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PURPOSE. In the rapidly expanding community of Coralville, to provide insight and vision in exploring and building on the community’s assets to meet the needs of its multiple constituencies more effectively; to take full advantage of unique opportunities to expand and integrate its government, business, religious, education, arts, and human service programs even more fully for the direct benefit of the entire community; and to demonstrate to other communities the effectiveness of such an integrated program for enhancing the public good.


  • To develop the Coralville community's awareness of asset- based community development through focus groups, seminars, and other vehicles.

  • To define the identity of Coralville's City Center and, eventually, other Coralville areas.

  • To develop an accessible data bank of individuals' gifts and skills to facilitate sharing and exchange of resources.

  • To identify local associations, institutions, and private resources and enlist their participation.

  • To connect individuals' gifts and skills with local associations, institutions, and private sector resources so that we can better:

  • Anticipate the challenges of a booming village.
  • Develop a human service system in Coralville that promotes gift exchange rather than funding programs.
  • To commit, over the long term, to ongoing discovery of ways in which our community can be built from the inside out, tapping resources of residents and nurturing the human spirit.

VILLAGE PROJECT FACILITY. The corporation hopes to construct a community center which will enable the linkage of diverse individuals, associations and institutions. This will include, but is not limited to: the arts, human services, city educational and recreational services, and business, religious, and civic endeavors that strengthen those community partnerships. The corporation has identified City-owned property in the Coralville City Center (adjacent to the Coralville Library - corner of 12th Avenue and 5th Street) as an ideal site for this facility.

The earlier Task Force identified common interests and needs for a multipurpose, multiuse building and had preliminary architectural plans for a three-story building which resulted from a compilation of the needs of the several constituent groups. The corporation has established the following subgroups to continue the development of the plans and strategies for the facility: Grant Exploration, Business Development, Operations Issues, Facility Development, Human Services Programming, and Marketing.


Approved May 2, 2001


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